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In todays global energy mix geothermal plays a rather marginal role, however, the potential energy supply from geothermal sources is of huge significance for the energy transition. In light of this we have developed TROVE Geothermal. This KnowledgeBase contains data and information on geothermal projects globally, focusing on the large scale electrical energy generating projects.


For each project all relevant details from the public domain are captured, standardised and structured. Tabulated information includes geological data (reservoir properties, depths etc), infrastructure data (turbine & well details), operator details, generation capacity and more. In addition to this, further information is captured on individual asset sheets including cross-sections, plant layouts, geological maps and other unstructured information. This is an excellent resource for understanding geothermal projects globally and provides analogues for new projects.

Binary, Cascading Heat, Direct Use, Dry Steam, Flash Steam, Hot dry rock (HDR), Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) , CHP, Combined Heat and Power

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