With​ global installed capacity of over 650GW, wind power is leading the way for renewable energy and driving the energy transition forward. We have created two TROVE KnowledgeBases for Wind; split by Onshore vs Offshore. TROVE Wind provides in-depth information on wind farms globally, capturing useful supply chain data such as installed capacity, management and turbine statistics. In addition to this tabulated information, we also show maps, turbine diagrams and infrastructure diagrams for each asset (where available).

Also included in the KnowledgeBase are projects that have either been withdrawn or rejected, along with reasons for this, giving a comprehensive picture for Wind Energy.

If you would like to find out more, organise a demonstration or get information about a subscription:

We are currently offering a free download of our Directory of Offshore Wind Energy Companies. Click the button below to enter your details and receive an email link to a downloadable .pdf file.

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