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We believe in facilitating a clean energy future,
powered by knowledge sharing and data availability.


We are a consultancy specialising in renewable energy. The basis of our work is our TROVE KnowledgeBases, these are comprehensive sources of data for the energy transition.

TROVE KnowledgeBases cover Wind, Wave, Tidal, Solar, Geothermal, CCUS, Gas Storage and Energy Storage schemes from around the world.

Not only do we capture data on every project (in operation, planned and decommissioned) we also have an audit trail to the source of the data and capture unstructured data such as maps and infrastructure diagrams.

Renewable energy wind farm
Kevin Flanagan Photography Winter Storm Wave Breaking Over Pier

What makes ​TROVE a KnowledgeBase?

TROVE is not a simple database with data in a table; TROVE delivers maps, diagrams and illustrations that help users get a true understanding. In addition, there is an audit trail to assess the provenance and validity of the information. Along with powerful built-in comparison and analysis tools. TROVE KnowledgeBases go beyond giving information, additionally providing insight and knowledge.

We'll leave the wisdom up to you.

Renewable database pyramid: data, information, knowledge, wisdom
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