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We offer 7 TROVE KnowledgeBases covering different renewable technologies. Email today to find out more about any of our products.

Geothermal energy.png


  • Contains data on large scale geothermal electrical energy generating projects globally.

  • Split into 3 key geographical regions: TROVE Geothermal Europe, TROVE Geothermal Americas and TROVE Geothermal Rest of World

  • Over 700 projects detailed.

  • Tabulated information includes geological data (reservoir properties, depths etc), infrastructure data (turbine & well details), operator details, generation capacity and more.

  • Further information is captured on cross-sections, plant layouts and geological maps.

  • An excellent resource for understanding geothermal projects and provides analogue information for new projects.

  • Members of the Geothermal Association of Ireland are eligible for exclusive discounts.

Coverage: Global

Click to view our TROVE Geothermal PDF

CCUS CO2 storage.png


  • TROVE Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage offers in-depth information on every CCUS project globally.

  • Details both capture plants and capture sites.

  • Information on location, operator, capture technology and much more.

  • Discover all you need to know on over 450 projects with this comprehensive TROVE KnowledgeBase.

Coverage: Global

Click to view our TROVE CCUS PDF and video



  • TROVE Hydrogen captures all Hydrogen projects worldwide and the differing technologies used.

  • Information on location, ownership, project size, project status and more.

  • Over 500 projects - the most comprehensive Hydrogen database on the market.

Coverage: Global

Click to view our TROVE Hydrogen PDF

Wind power.png


  • TROVE Wind delivers details on all offshore windfarms globally.

  • All significant onshore UK windfarms.

  • Country profiles offer an overview of the state of wind power at a national level.

  • In-depth information on installed capacity, management and turbine statistics.

  • We also show maps, turbine diagrams and infrastructure diagrams.

  • TROVE Wind presents over 800 projects/country profiles.

Coverage: Global

Click to view our TROVE Wind PDF and video

Gas Storage.png

Gas Storage

  • TROVE Gas Storage informs on every underground gas storage site in Europe west of the Urals.

  • Gain access to data on over 250 locations.

  • Information on storage and daily delivery capacity of each site, plus technical details of the geology and subsurface structure of the store.

Coverage: Europe

Gas Storage
Energy Storage cell.png

Energy Storage

  • TROVE Energy Storage delivers information on a range of energy storage solutions including: Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES), Lithium Battery, Gravity, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), Flywheel.

  • Data on project status, developer, technology type and rated power.

  • Projects from over 75 countries.

  • Test schemes, operational projects and planned projects are all included.

Coverage: Global - (Work in Progress)

Click to view our TROVE Energy Storage PDF

Energy Storage
Wave and Tidal.png

Wave and Tidal

  • TROVE Wave and Tidal contains data such as technology type, developer, capacity, location and much more.

  • Detail on almost 100 projects from around the UK.

  • Access comprehensive up-to-date information, held in one location, at the click of a button.

Coverage: UK

Wave and Tidal

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Prices are typically £5,000 - £31,000 for an annual subscription and includes training, updates and access to subject matter specialists.

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We also have a sister product range covering Oil and Gas.

Visit the dedicated website here.

TROVE Oil & Gas has global offshore coverage and extensive onshore coverage.

Oil & Gas
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