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What we do​

TROVE Renewables is a renewable energy consultancy working to help facilitate the energy transition. Our TROVE KnowledgeBase product range provides unrivalled insight into a range of green energy technologies.

Delivered in Excel format, TROVE KnowledgeBases compile and standardise information on renewable energy schemes across the world. We provide TROVE in Excel format because it is a ubiquitous program used globally. It also means that companies can edit and import proprietary data they hold allowing comparison to the whole TROVE dataset. Likewise, subscribers are able to create their own graphs and charts with ease to meet their own needs. We provide location data for projects which means TROVE is fully GIS compatible.

TROVE KnowledgeBases are available on a subscription service, with updates provided throughout the year. Find out more about specific KnowledgeBases here.

With a proven history of data provision for the energy industry, our KnowledgeBases offer a treasure trove of information. Contact us to find out what TROVE Renewables can do for you:

Our Vision: We believe in a clean energy future, powered by knowledge sharing and data availability.


Our Mission: Our mission is to help enable the energy transition by equipping companies who operate in the renewables sector with up to date, reliable information, allowing them the insight required to provide a sustainable future for all.

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What makes ​TROVE a KnowledgeBase?

TROVE is not a simple database with data in a table; TROVE delivers maps, diagrams and illustrations that help users get a true understanding. In addition, there is an audit trail to assess the provenance and validity of the information. Along with powerful built-in comparison and analysis tools. TROVE KnowledgeBases go beyond giving information, additionally providing insight and knowledge.

We'll leave the wisdom up to you.