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CCUS Webinar - Review

On the 7th May (2021) we hosted a webinar on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage.

The webinar was a huge success with fantastic turnout and great interaction from attendees.

The slide pack and Q&A can be found here.

Next up... Offshore Wind (13th May 2021)

With well over 100 registrants, this webinar proved very popular. We had attendees from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & the Americas - demonstrating the truly global interest in CCUS.

Despite an early technical setback we were able to get up and running with a 5 minute delay. Jeremy Lockett described the global distribution of CCUS projects and their characteristics - How is the carbon captured? What is it used for? Is it stored? Which countries are leading the way? Which sites are commercial?

Jeremy then went on to discuss the global capture capacity before looking more at CCUS use for EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) and delving into 6 case studies. Finally, a vision of the future was presented.

As all of the information in the presentation is found in TROVE CCUS, a 5-10 minute demonstration of the product was given before a Q&A session.

With so many questions we unfortunately ran out of time to answer them all, however, you can now find answers to all of the questions on the Webinars page of our website.

Thanks again to all those who attended!

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