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Geothermal Webinar

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Geothermal has immense potential for providing clean energy. We are hosting a 45 minute webinar where we will be taking a look at the current global status of the Geothermal industry.

We'll introduce Geothermal energy and demonstrate the current global picture of geothermal energy looking at major trends and giving case study examples from some of the most interesting projects globally. Topics covering a variety of heat sources, geological settings, project size and time of developments from the first geothermal power plant, Larderello, Italy (1911) to much more recent projects such as the UK's United Downs (2020).

All of the information we use in this webinar is available in TROVE Geothermal, so for the final 10-15 minutes we will demonstrate the power of this extensive KnowledgeBase - see the ease of use and huge capabilities TROVE Geothermal provides!



This webinar has now passed - the replay is available to all registrants for 1 month (you can still register to watch the replay).

You can also find the slide pack and answers to all questions asked during the webinar here.


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