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This comprehensive KnowledgeBase contains information on operational, planned, cancelled and decommissioned wind farm operations across the globe.

Containing over 800 wind projects subscribers can explore tabulated data along with maps, turbine diagrams and windfarm layouts.

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Wave & Tidal

The world's oceans offer huge potential ​as a significant renewable energy source. TROVE Wave & Tidal can help companies scale up energy generation from these under-utilised sources.

TROVE Wave & Tidal compiles information on all current and planned projects around the world. 

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TROVE Solar is expected to be available for subscription in Q4 2020. This KnowledgeBase has been created to help support the scale-up of solar power

With information captured on solar farms around the world, this is an invaluable tool for companies planning solar farm developments.

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TROVE Geothermal covers all major geothermal energy projects globally. Including significant test schemes and those still in planning.


Details on plant type, capacity, turbines, reservoir details and ownership are included along with diagrams on plant layout and cross-sections where available. 

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It is believed that in order to achieve the aims set out by the Paris Climate Agreement, comprehensive implementation of Carbon Capture Utilisation & Sequestration will be crucial.

TROVE CCUS contains detailed information about active, completed, terminated and potential CCUS projects globally.

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Gas Storage

TROVE Gas Storage covers underground gas storage sites in Europe west of the Urals. It contains details of over 250 locations where natural gas & other hydrocarbon products are stored in the subsurface.


Storage and daily delivery capacity of each site plus technical details of the geology are captured. 

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Energy Storage

As implementation of wind and solar power continues to rise, there is a growing requirement to store surplus energy and access it in periods of high demand.


TROVE Energy Storage contains information on a range of energy storage solutions from over 75 countries.

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Each of the KnowledgeBases detailed on this page are available on a subscription service.

  • TROVE KnowledgeBase in Excel format

  • Data table containing information on each energy asset, including infrastructure, energy rating and ownership

  • Separate tabs for each asset showing maps, diagrams and the source of all the information captured.

  • Fully functional dashboard to allow rapid filtering and analysis

  • Quarterly updates

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