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Free Company Directory for Offshore Wind

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

When TROVE Renewables launched we had no idea that the need for a global directory of companies involved in the offshore wind business was going to prove so popular.

Giving away a FREE directory has certainly been a great way to engage with so many in the industry. We cover trade associations worldwide, developers, supply chain, regulators and a lot, lot more.

Companies involved in offshore wind registering on the website prior to 01 August 2020 will be added to the directory FOR FREE. You will find the directory at

The data in the company directory is a very small fraction of the >1.3 gigabyte file (if you're not familiar with file sizes, that's huge!!) contained in the premium version. In addition to the free version there is company news, contact details, email & postal addresses and sorted by business area & sector. Target your marketing, find out who does what, identify new and upcoming markets.

For any company wanting to know "Who's Who" in offshore wind, get in touch at

Check your company is in the free directory and submit details before 01 July 2020 and get free entry. Send details of the business areas you cover in offshore wind and we will add these to the vast database. Sign up today.

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